These are some of the projects keeping us busy - we like to emphasise the challenges at hand, rather than showing a list of logos. If any of these interests you, contact us and follow our blog for the latest developments!

AI & Supervised machine learning

Combining language processing and ethnographic data

We're training machine learning models to capture the essence behind complex cultural constructs, and aiding communities in spreading those concepts beyond their own cultural borders. It's like applying AI to ethnographic (qualitative) data.

DropBy club

Playground for great ideas

It's like speed dating for learning. Through targeted micro-mentoring sessions: DropBy brings bright minds together for direct, real-time knowledge exchange. Get connected, share and learn on whatever topic it is that interests you right now.

Making sense of consumption data through AI

Understanding the past - predicting the future

We're helping our partners make sense of the data that they capture - creating and training models to understand what it's trying to tell them - and adding a splash of story telling to show us what this might all mean for our future.

Data science in healthcare

Fast-tracking discovery of COVID-19 treatments through AI